“We are a dental clinic specializing in comprehensive dental services, staffed by a team of highly qualified dentists, committed with the smile and oral health of our patients. With human treatment and suitability offer a new and different alternative through our modern facilities equipped with the latest technology “

 “ARTICA, Dental Clinic, in 2015, was consolidated as a solid and profitable leader in the provision of dental services to meet the needs of local a foreigns patients. Recognized for the quality and suitability of their service and for the optimization of technological and human resources, ensuring more efficient and secure processes for our patients. “

 Corporate Values

  • Suitability: Continuing education and research, to ensure the quality of procedures and treatments.
  • Friendly and human treatment: Its concerning to communication, attitude and commitment of our working group
  • Teamwork: Integrity among members of our staff.
  • Security and Trust: We return back more than smiles!
  • Respect: To Strengthen the basis for a good relationship in our clinic consists in the respect and the observance of the rights and duties of our patients.
  • Ethics: Honesty, clarity and commitment in our work come before patient welfare as a fundamental pillar for our decision making.

 Legal Acreditations

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