Dental cleaning Medellin – Dental Polishing

Once all the surfaces are smooth, the dental professional may polish your teeth. Polishing is done using a slow speed polisher with a soft rubber cup that spins on the end. Prophylaxis paste is a special gritty toothpaste like material that is scooped up like ice cream into the cup and spun around on the teeth to make them shiny and smooth.

Deep Cleaning Medellín

Commonly used first is an ultrasonic instrument which uses tickling vibrations to knock larger pieces of tartar loose.  It also sprays a cooling mist of water while it works to wash away debris and keep the area at a proper temperature.

The ultrasonic instrument tips are curved and rounded and are always kept in motion around the teeth. They are by no means sharp since their purpose is to knock tartar loose and not to cut into the teeth.

Dental Cleaning: What to Expect

Only 4 Steps!

1. Professional Check up


2. Remove All Dental Deposites


3. Tooth Polishing and stain removed


4. Prophy Jet Cleaning and Stain Removed


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