Dental Implants Medellin

Oral Rehabilitation using Dental implants, its the best way to get your smile back

Dental Whitening Medellin

Get your smile looking its best. In only 45 minutes get your whitest and brightest smile

Crowns and Bridges

The best quality price relation in Dental Crowns and Bridges Medellin.

White Fillings Medellin

An esthetic alternative to fix those uncomfortable surfaces and spaces between your teeth.

Why Choosing Ártica

Credentials and Facilities

Because you want the knowledge, skill, expertise, credentials, logistics, and work ethics at a fair price. Our facilities are designed for your comfort and relaxation, providing you with a pleasant, contemporary and clean environment.


We are English Speaking dentist in Medellin. Our dentist can speak to you and understand you in English. This will ensure that he understands YOUR needs perfectly. Can you imagine a dentist doing an unnecessary root canal due to lack of GOOD communication in English? Your dentist can explain, in fluent English, what your best options are and can answer any questions you may have.


You will find us conveniently located close to Parque Lleras, Zona Rosa, Body Tech gym, San Diego and Transversal roads. When you take a cab, the fare is very likely to be less than 5.500 pesos (less than 3 dollars). We are located above Carulla Las Palmas Supermarket. Carulla Las Palmas is a great gourmet supermarket where you can get everything you need before or after your office visit.

Meet Our Team

  • Juan Carlos Mejía

    Juan Carlos Mejía

    DDS Prostodontist
  • Jaime Montoya


    Jaime Montoya

    Orthodontist - Invisalign Provider
  • Jorge Mario Naranjo


    Jorge Mario Naranjo

    Orthodontist - Invisalign Provider
  • Rodrigo Felipe Naranjo


    Rodrigo Felipe Naranjo

    Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Natalia Espinosa


    Natalia Espinosa

    General Dentistry - Aesthetic Dentistry -
  • David Arango


    David Arango

  • Luis Fernando Gómez


    Luis Fernando Gómez


Invisible Orthodontic Pioneers with Invisalign.

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